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Bigg Boss: The Never Ending Mela Of Wild Card Entries

Bigg Boss: The Never Ending Mela Of Wild Card Entries

Bigg Boss season 4 is just into its third week and here comes the third wild card contestant who is making entry into the show in tomorrow’s episode.

After sending two male comedians Kumar Sai and Avinash as the late entries, Bigg Boss is sending a female actor named Swathi Deekshith as the latest wild card.

Swathi Deekshith acted in Allari Naresh’s Jump Jilani, Ladies and Gentlemen movie and a couple of Tamil films.

Besides Monal Gajjar there is no other female contestant that has a filmy background in this season. Looks like Swathi is sent in for the sake of upping the glamour quotient.

But too many late entries in the early stages of the show is not getting positive feedback from the viewers.

The house seems very crowded with two contestants making an exit and three newcomers joining them.

Even if one of the nominated contestants gets evicted this weekend, the total number of housemates will still remain sixteen, the actual number of contestants that were sent in on the day 1.

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