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Big Surprise: From Under Dog To Super Yodha

Big Surprise: From Under Dog To Super Yodha

An underdog is one who has less power. Teja Sajja was also an underdog, before the release of Hanu-Man, although he had a couple of hits earlier in the form of Oh Baby, Zombie Reddy and Adbhutam.

Like how he turned into a super hero in Hanu-Man, Teja became one of the most sought-after, after he proved his acting prowess and market potential with the movie.

Teja is astonishing every time whenever he comes up with a new movie. His next Mirai was announced recently and it was another big surprise, given he will be seen in the larger-than-life role of Super Yodha who is there to protect secret scriptures from an evil force.

This character is not just about makeover, but Teja Sajja has undergone intense training to play another challenging character which requires him to perform deadly stunts.

As the teaser suggested, Mirai is another unique concept that is expected to give a great cinematic experience.

What really grabs everyone’s attention is despite gaining nationwide popularity and making a massive impression with the teaser, Teja was very grounded at the teaser launch event.

He made a statement that he will continue to put in better effort every time, irrespective of the result of his movies and attributed the success of Hanuman to God.

The teaser made enough noise in all languages. It has been trending at No. 1 on YouTube and other platforms with over 20 million+ views thus far. As per reports, Mirai is hot in business circles, which shows Teja’s growing popularity.


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