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Big Joke: Chiranjeevi's Statement On Remakes

Big Joke: Chiranjeevi's Statement On Remakes

During the pre-release event of Bhola Shankar, Megastar Chiranjeevi expressed his affinity for remakes, attributing his interest to the appeal of the storyline. However, this assertion appears to be at odds with their actual approach. 

Observing the modus operandi, it becomes apparent that their inclination towards remakes stems from a desire to expedite film production through average directors.

The original authors and directors shoulder the entirety of the creative burden when crafting a film from scratch.

In stark contrast, the process of remakes involves a mere replication of scenes, a task well-suited for an average director.

Moreover, the remakes lack the substantial investment in original storytelling and pre-production, allowing for swifter development.

This inclination can be attributed to another motive. By adopting this strategy, big heroes can get bigger pay check. Both Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan follow the same.

At least, Chiranjeevi demonstrates a degree of interest for the overall production value in his films. Conversely, Pawan Kalyan opts for an expedited approach, utilizing average performers and technicians to curtail expenses and maximize personal gain.

In essence, the Konidela brothers resort to remakes as a means to achieve rapid and substantial monetary gains, a fact well-recognized by the public.

There's no need for them to veil this motive with claims of genuine fondness for the stories or a sense of duty to remake them.


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