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'Big Heroes' Show No Interest in 'Hanu Man' Role

'Big Heroes' Show No Interest in 'Hanu Man' Role

The "Hanu Man" team hit the jackpot with their film, surpassing expectations and setting new records in various areas for a film of its scale. The producers reaped a windfall of wealth from its success.

Even 45 days after its theatrical release, the film continues to perform strongly in theaters, demonstrating remarkable staying power. However, director Prashanth Varma is facing challenges in securing top talent for the sequel.

Prashanth Varma had previously announced that a prominent actor would portray "Hanu Man" in the sequel, titled "Jai Hanu Man."

In the first installment, Lord Hanu Man's face was not shown, and the aim is to cast a pan-Indian superstar in this role.

Yash from "KGF" was considered, but he has stated to the media that he will not be part of "Jai Hanu Man" and will focus on his next project, "Toxic."

Another option considered is to approach Ram Charan. However, sources indicate that Ram Charan is unlikely to agree, as he has other major film commitments lined up.

Top stars like Prabhas, Allu Arjun, and others are also reluctant to play a guest role in a film featuring Teja Sajja.

Therefore, Prashanth Varma faces a significant challenge in casting the lead role for the sequel.


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