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Big Corporate Deal For Pawan Kalyan

Big Corporate Deal For Pawan Kalyan

Pawan Kalyan vowed to bring down the YS Jagan’s government in 2024. He has cut out his goal in politics.

Despite making such lofty statements, Pawan Kalyan is not solely focusing on his political career.

He is continuing to sign more and more films to earn quick bucks. Even as a big project like “Hari Hara Veera Mallu” placed on the sets, Pawan Kalyan is set to close a deal with Zee Studios for two films. 

Zee Group has already agreed to invest big money in Pawan Kalyan’s new film, the remake of ‘Vinodaya Sitham’.

The company has also come forward to close another deal with Pawan Kalyan. If this deal gets signed, Zee will completely finance Pawan Kalyan’s next two movies. 

So, the ‘Jana Sena’ party president seems to be more interested in the film world than politics.


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