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Big Competition To Boyapati Srinivas

Big Competition To Boyapati Srinivas

It is not so easy to make mass entertainers. The directors those make soft family films hardly find opportunities from big heroes. 

Directors like Trivikram who can make mass appealing films with family themes are exceptional. 

Looking at Boyapati's over mass style, not all heroes love to act for him. Besides, comedy lacks in Boyapati's films.

It is also said that Boyapati burns lot of budget to the tune of Rs 60 to Rs 70 crore.

A repalcement seems to have appeared now in the name of Gopichand Malineni. He could make the film Krack with Rs 32 cr budget.  So now he is being seen as an option for Boyapati.

If another hit comes on his way, he will enter the big league of directors. Right now he is doing a film for Sitara and decided to make a film with Balakrushna in Mytri Movies. 


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