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Big Bets on Pawan's Favor and Against in Tollywood

Big Bets on Pawan's Favor and Against in Tollywood

Pawan Kalyan must win the Pithapuram assembly seat at all costs. In the previous election, he was defeated by YSRCP candidates in two of the seats he contested.

This election is a matter of prestige for Pawan Kalyan, his family, and his community. They are fully confident that he will win by a significant margin.

However, the people of Hyderabad's Film Nagar are heavily betting on this election.

The majority believe that Pawan Kalyan will emerge victorious this time and are placing large bets in his favor.

Some celebrities, however, think he will lose again. This group supports the YSRCP candidate and is betting against him.

The results will be announced on June 4th, and punters will have to wait to see the outcome.


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