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Balayya's Drunken Act With Actress On Stage

Balayya's Drunken Act With Actress On Stage

A few hours after Balayya's liquor video surfaced, another video is going viral on social media.

Everyone knows that Balayya, who has a habit of drinking, also tends to act impulsively by manhandling people around him.

During the pre-release function of the movie Gangs of Godavari, Balayya, apparently under the influence of alcohol, put his hand on the heroine and pushed her right on stage.

A video showing Balayya pouring alcohol into a water bottle near his legs while sitting offstage has already gone viral.

After emptying the bottle, Balayya went on stage where Neha Shetty and Anjali were standing.

Balayya suddenly put his hand on Anjali and pushed her back. Anjali, taken aback, tried not to fall and immediately laughed it off to avoid making it a serious matter.

Nandamuri's fans, who previously defended Balayya regarding the liquor bottle, downplayed this incident as well. They claimed the bottle contained apple juice and dismissed the incident with Anjali similarly.

Fans interpreted Balayya's actions as a display of affection towards Anjali.

It is worth noting that Balayya and Anjali have worked together on a film before, which might explain the familiarity and the gesture during the event.

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