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'Animal' Business And Further Expectations

'Animal' Business And Further Expectations

"Sandeep Reddy Vanga takes a considerable amount of time to write the script. It took about a year and a half to develop the script for 'Animal,'" revealed Sandeep Vanga's brother, Pranay Reddy.

He disclosed this information to Great Andhra, emphasizing that while the scriptwriting process may be time-consuming, once shooting begins, it progresses at a rapid pace.

Pranay mentioned that they completed the shooting in just 100 days, a feat he believes is impossible for anyone else to achieve in making a film like 'Animal' within such a short timeframe. He emphasized that viewers will comprehend the significance of this effort once they watch the movie.

According to Pranay, the conceptualization of the film and the decision to cast Ranbir happened during the Covid period. However, once the script was finalized after 18 months of work, Sandeep assured that the filming would proceed without further delays and with complete clarity.

The movie 'Animal' is expected to have around 30 minutes of action sequences, with the storyline spanning from Ranbir's childhood through love and marriage to old age. This extensive narrative contributes to the film's longer duration, but Pranay assured that audiences will not find it challenging, as it will feel like a two-and-a-half-hour movie.

Reportedly incurring a cost of more than two hundred crores and not being sold anywhere, following T-Series' policy against selling films, 'Animal' is estimated to have a market value exceeding five hundred crores. Pranay mentioned that 70 percent of the film's cost has already been recovered through non-theatrical income.

Looking ahead, Pranay mentioned their commitment to work for the next three years, with Prabhas's film followed by Bunny's film. The work on Prabhas' film is set to commence in two months, with on-set activities beginning in September.


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