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Akhil Needs To Follow His Dad's Advice

Akhil Needs To Follow His Dad's Advice

Akhil Akkineni is not even into his 30s and he already learned many tragic life-lessons in the industry. The recent being the massive shocker of Agent. The mega budget film ended up as a massive disaster.

Akhil put his heart and soul in the film. He worked close to three years and underwent unbelivable transformation to get into the spy character. It is no easy to maintain six-pack physique for so long.

After initial failures, Akhil is also so emotionally invested in the project. Usually, films like this take so much of toll on mind and body of actors after they fail at the box office.

Suddenly, the whole world seems to be tumbling and there are people who give advices about what is right and what is wrong.

Akhil himself would be confused about what to do. He could get some reasonable attention with his iflms Hello and Most Eligible Bachelor only. 

If Akhil is truly confused about his career path, he should remember the advice his father, Nagarjuna, gave him after the failure of his first film. 

Nagarjuna shared his own experience of encountering a string of failures before meeting Mani Ratnam and ultimately making Geethanjali, which aligned with his artistic sensibilities and proved to be a turning point in his career.

Finally, Nagarjuna advised Akhil to follow his approach and solely engage in projects that are compatible with his artistic inclinations.

Now, Akhil should evaluate where he stands in terms of his image and age, and determine what type of films would suit him best.

His half-brother, Naga Chaitanya, seems to have followed his father's advice, which seems to have produced positive results.


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