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Actual Facts Around 'Pushpa' Collections

Actual Facts Around 'Pushpa' Collections

Pushpa was released amidst huge hype. The combination of Sukumar and Allu Arjun shot up the expectations to new heights. But Bunny forced the team to release the film by Dec 17 at any cost. So, it has become a big task for Sukumar to meet the deadlines with huge post production work in five languages.

Finally the film was released but opened up to mixed reactions. Had Sukumar been given time, there could be unanimous positive talk. But now with mixed talk, the collections are dropping down in week days. Though the team is working hard to make the film pick up to make the breakeven, things are not happening in the given time.

The collections in AP are less than 50% to breakeven. The number in Naizam is 70% which means another 30% is desperately needed to breakeven. But due to the brand image and several films in line for Mythri Movie Makers, the buyers are tension free.

Now a big Hindi film "83" and a Telugu film "Shyam Singha Roy" are releasing this week. "Pushpa" has to compete with those two films for sure.

There is a hope that the Christmas and New Year season would help "Pushpa". But on a whole, for the kind of collections happening on weekdays, it is a tough way to go for desired collections.

On the other hand Allu Arjun is in the mood that he delivered the biggest blockbuster ever but the media is not covering the news in the way it should be. So the PR team is also in the field to fulfill the expectation of Bunny at least.

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