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Actress Caught Smoking at Cousin's Mehendi

Actress Caught Smoking at Cousin's Mehendi

At her cousin Alanna Panday's mehendi ceremony, Ananya Panday was seen smoking in a photo that has since been removed.

The actress was attending the celebration with her family on Tuesday when a fellow wedding attendee shared the now-deleted image of her holding a cigarette.

However, a Reddit user had already taken a screenshot of the picture and posted it, which sparked a discussion about Ananya's smoking habit.

The Reddit user who shared the photo wrote, "I wasn't expecting Ananya to be a smoker."

In the image, Ananya could be seen standing in one corner, smoking while the wedding guests celebrated around her. The picture prompted a significant conversation, with many expressing surprise and concern about Ananya's smoking habit.

One user wrote, "My Ananya cannot be like this," while another added, "These people don't have a brain, they just want to look cool."

A comment read, "Wow, I had no idea. She's so beautiful with cute lips. I can't believe she's a smoker. Damn." Another user admitted, "I'm genuinely surprised. This is a reminder that things aren't always as they seem."


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