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'Acharya' producers go for early OTT release

'Acharya' producers go for early OTT release

The 'Acharya' fiasco has forced the producers to make a difficult choice, as they plan to release the Chiranjeevi starrer on OTT.

'Acharya' is already playing to empty houses and seeing drop-offs with each subsequent showing. As a result, the producers have decided to go for an early OTT release in the hope of at least covering some losses.

The film bombed at the box office, resulting in massive losses for buyers in every territory. Prime Video will now stream the film this month. To everyone's surprise, the release date will be less than three weeks after its theatrical release.

Despite their desperate efforts to promote it all over, Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan, the father-son duo who appeared on the screen together, failed to create a boom.

The debacle of 'Acharya' is also a disaster for Koratala Siva, who was billed as a 'fail-proof' director before the film's release.


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