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Aaviri Trailer: Usual Setting, Regular Scares!

Aaviri Trailer: Usual Setting, Regular Scares!

Director Ravi Babu is back to horror genre with Aaviri. The trailer of Aaviri looks similar to Ravi Babu's successful horror film Avunu. He made a sequel to it, but it didn't click.

After a couple of disastrous attempts like Adhugo he is coming up with Aaviri that has a typical horror film setup with a couple and a kid.

Ravi Babu and Neha Chauhan are playing the parents in this horror thriller. Unlike most of Ravi Babu's films this film is not being presented by Suresh Babu.

Star producer Dil Raju stepped in for Aaviri that is releasing in theaters on November 1.

Neither the concept nor the visuals seem to be different from the horror movies that we have been seeing from past few years.

However, Ravi Babu is good at making spooky horror flicks and Dil Raju usually doesn't associate with films that have less potential.

Let's see whether Aaviri could thrill genre fans like Avunu did. 



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