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45 Mins Of VFX, 80% Of OPBK Happens Night

45 Mins Of VFX, 80% Of OPBK Happens Night

Director VI Anand who is a specialist in making supernatural thrillers is coming up with Ooru Peru Bhairavakona starring Sundeep Kishan in the lead.

The director interacted with to share interesting facts about the movie which is in the post-production phase.

VI Anand says OPB is a supernatural fantasy film with a good love story. The movie is a war between love and hatred. We took inspiration from Garuda Puranam as well.

I personally like fantasy and supernatural films. They excite me more. OPBK is not a full-length horror thriller. There is, however, a balance with good fun elements. There will be some surprises in the story. I’m bringing two genres together to give a new experience to the audience.”

The director clarifies that OPBK is completely different from Viroopaksha. “We finalized the script before Viroopaksha came. I’m very sure those who loved Viroopaksha will also love OPBK. The screenplay is racy. The moment they get into the film, they will forget about every other thing in the world. They will hook to the story in no time. The movie will have repeat value.”

Anand calls Sundeep a phenomenal actor. “Sundeep’s character has negative shades too. He will be seen as a robber. He has done justice to the role of Basava. It has a wide range of emotions.”

He informs that the movie will have high-end VFX. “80% of the story happens in the night. We needed to shoot the movie in a natural light. The movie will have nearly 45 mins of VFX.”

Anand revealed that they are planning to release the movie in February. “We will decide on the release date, only after watching the VFX work.”

The director also disclosed his plans of making a movie with Nikhil.


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