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2024 BO: Malluwood Rocks With Huge Success Rate

2024 BO: Malluwood Rocks With Huge Success Rate

Year 2024 is already halfway through. By June 16th, we can see the list of successful and disastrous films from the Southern film industries.

Malayalam leads with a success rate of nearly 90%, surprising the entire Indian film industry, including Bollywood.

'Manjummel Boys' emerged as an industry hit in Malayalam, grossing a staggering 242 Cr globally. The second highest earner was 'Avesham' with a global gross of Rs 157 Cr, followed by 'Aadujeevitam' at Rs 161 Cr. 'Premalu' crossed the Rs 100 Cr mark with a global gross of 133 Cr. Other films like 'Abraham Ozler' also found success.

In Telugu cinema, there have been only two significant hits so far this year- 'Hanuman' with a global gross of 295 Cr and 'Tillu Square' earning Rs 130 Cr. The overall success rate stands at a modest 10%.

The Tamil film industry has not seen a single hit this year.

There are many big films coming up from all the industries, and we need to see how many will perform strongly at the box office and secure their place among the superhits and hits.

Let's hope that the second half of 2024 will make a difference and add color to the reputation of each industry.


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