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2019 Roundup: The Biggest Box-Office Bombs

2019 Roundup: The Biggest Box-Office Bombs

More than a hundred films were released from Telugu industry alone in 2019 and as always ninety percent of the films bombed at the box office.

We are mentioning the biggest stinkers among so many of them.

1) NTR - Mahanayakudu: This is not only the biggest dud of the year, but also made it to the all-time list of disasters with near nil collections at the box office. Releasing NTR biopic in two parts turned out to be a huge mistake and the makers had to pay for it.

The underwhelming response for the first part Kathanayakudu almost made the makers to withdraw from releasing the second part.

As expected, the film ended up as a nightmare in terms of box office returns. Kathanayakudu also should be ranked among the biggest turkeys, but let's leave it out as a special mention.

2) Ruler: Well, the year started on a bad note for Balakrishna fans and it has ended on even a lower note with Ruler. The film is heading for a disaster at the ticket windows.

Commercial result aside, the film will easily top the list of worst movies of the year. Nandamuri fans would want to forget the film as quickly as possible. They would want to erase the memories of watching bad-wigged Balayya as Dharma.

3) Vinaya Vidheya Rama: There's a thin line between mass and bizarre for most of Boyapati Srinu's movies and a movie like Vinaya Vidheya Rama is always on the cards when the director fails to notice the line.

Who can forget the scenes where Ram Charan goes to North India by riding on a train top and that classic scene of vultures catching a decapitated head mid-air and the goons chasing them.

No wonder, Ram Charan felt ashamed of being a part of the film, he issued an apology letter to fans and audience.

4) Manmadhudu 2: Rahul Ravindran was expected to deliver a decent comedy especially after his award-winning directorial debut Chi La Sow. But he couldn't differentiate between adult and family fun that he left most of the family audiences either cringe in their seats or leave the theaters half-way.

Promoting it as a sequel to classic comedy Manmadhudu was a blunder. There are many things that have gone terribly wrong for Manmadhudu 2, which eventually ended up as one of the biggest misfires.

5) Sita: Take this out of the list of movies released this year and not even Bellamkonda Srinivas would notice that.

It was such an insignificant piece of work from director Teja which is probably out of memories of the little audience that watched it in theaters. Despite a notable star cast, Sita was a complete mess.

6) Hippi/90ML: It's a tie for Karthikeya Gummakonda's Hippi and 90 ML movies that rounded off a nightmarish year for the young actor.

He is part of another two flop movies, but Hippi and 90 ML are unbearably bad.

7) Mr. Majnu: Akhil's wait for first taste of success continue as his third film also bombed at the box office.

The movie isn't that bad, but its commercial outcome is so bad that Akhil had to settle for working with a long forgotten director Bommarillu Bhaskar now.

8) Chanakya: New Year and a new look didn't find success for Gopichand who is yet to crack the code for success post Loukyam.

The film released in the same weekend as Sye Raa and that added to its miseries.

9) Ranarangam: Sharwanand's lacklustre gangster drama directed by Sudheer Varma has left a huge hole in its makers pockets. This film is a classic example for 'all style, no substance'.

10) RDX Love: RX 100's lead actress Payal Rajput banked heavily upon skin show and adult humor in RDX Love that is easily one of the most terrible movies of the year. 


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