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Why Is Mahesh Babu Silent?

Mahesh Babu who usually stays away from politics and sensitive issues surprised everyone by extending his support to Jallikattu Movement of Tamils.

Although Mahesh Babu’s intentions were good, a few criticized that Mahesh is supporting Jallikattu so that his upcoming bilingual film with Murugadoss will be benefited out of it.

Many of his followers from Andhra Pradesh also questioned about his stand on special status to Andhra Pradesh.

“Why didn’t you tweet anything about special status for AP until now?” is the big question that Mahesh faced after his tweets supporting Jallikattu.

Now that Youth of Andhra Pradesh are planning silent protest on 26th Jan in Vizag for the sake of special status, many young heroes and Janasena President Pawan Kalyan have extended their support to it.

Mahesh is yet to tweet about it and his timeline is flooded with AP youth questioning about his double standards.

No one would have bothered if Mahesh remained silent now had he kept quiet during the Jallikattu movement. But he responded then. So Mahesh cannot remain silent on his own state’s self respect issue as he chose to tweet about cultural sentiments of Tamilnadu people, is what AP youth say.



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