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Who Is Actually Behind Sri Reddy?

Who Is Actually Behind Sri Reddy?

The confession of RGV (video) and Sri Reddy’s private phone talk with a women activist (leaked audio) prove that all is not fair in this whole episode of Sri Leaks.

Everything is planned and orchestrated. No act (at least the act of agitation) is done on the spur of the moment.

Some media channels, some forces from Tollywood industry, some political party persons... all are involved.

Ram Gopal Varma admitted that it was he who made Sri Reddy use the ‘MC’ word against Pawan Kalyan.

Even in the leaked audio conversation that Sri Reddy had with her friend and activist it is revealed that RGV spoiled the show.

Going by her conversation, her woman friend is from YSRC party. However, this theory of YSRC behind doesn’t hold water.

Because two channels that are close to bosses of Telugu Desam party have been highlighting Sri Reddy and holding discussions with her for hours. Both channels would never do anything that favours Jagan party.

In the same conversation, Sri Reddy revealed that she is in touch with Telugu Desam Party (TDP) top leaders and they would now start playing the game.

At one time, TDP planned to send her to Delhi to do dharna but RGV spoiled their entire plan by asking her to hurl abusive word at Pawan Kalyan.

It is a fact that Sri Reddy gave a sensational interview to a YouTube channel and a leading news channel picked it up and made her “news star”.

When the episode began, it was not “planned” but it seems later some forces have joined her hands with her to settle scores with their rivals using her fight.



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