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US Trip? No, Thank You!

More than the people of the two Telugu States, it is the Telugu people settled in the US who are commenting that Tollywood heroines are shying away from US trips.

The sad state of affairs is apparently such that heroines who are no longer in the reckoning are being lured to the US with the promise of money and being used as bait for politicians of the two Telugu states for getting works done.

While these heroines are apparently being paid Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh per day, the people using them deal in contracts running into crores of rupees.

Recently, a Malayali heroine who has entered Tollywood and done two to three films went on a US trip.

Towards the end of her trip, she got the usual enquiries about her character asking whether she was ‘flexible’ enough for any kind of activity. The poor girl got scared, cancelled the remainder of her trip and came back to India.

Despite a good life in the ‘land of opportunity’, such activities by some Telugu people in top positions there, are bringing a bad name to not just the industry but also the Telugu people as a whole.



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