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US film distributor trying for JSP ticket?

US film distributor trying for JSP ticket?

Power star Pawan Kalyan-starrer Agnyathavasi, the Telugu film released during Sankranti festival in January across the world, has turned out to be the biggest disaster of all his films so far.

The film has left many people in tears, especially distributors and exhibitors who had high hopes on the film.

Too much hype was given to the film with the distributors going in for release of film in maximum number of theatres across the Telugu states and managed to get permission for additional shows in theatres at enhanced rates.

And ultimately, the hype had done more damage than good, as the film had no content and viewers rejected it mercilessly.

The film’s producer S Radhakrishna is said to be safe due to non-recovery agreement entered into with the buyers. So, he has come forward to compensate for the losses incurred by the distributors at least partially so as to maintain the good will.

Even Trivikram Srinivas has agreed to return some amount to the producer, but Pawan Kalyan refused to part with his money despite the huge loss. He reportedly told the producer that he owed only to fans and nobody else.

However, the distributor of Agnyathavasi in the US, who spent money lavishly on pre-release publicity, including distribution of T-shirts to the audiences and released the film in maximum number of theatres, refused to take partial compensation from the producer.

He incurred a loss of Rs 10 crore on the film, but he was offered Rs 1-2 crore as compensation.

Instead, the distributor reportedly asked Trivikram and Radhakrishna to help him secure the Jana Sena Party ticket for the next assembly elections.

Apparently, he is of the view that JSP would be able to win at least a dozen MLA seats in the next elections and since the competition for JSP tickets would not be much compared to the TDP or YSRC, it would not be much difficult to get JSP ticket.

So, he is asking for JSP ticket as a compensation for the loss he had incurred from Agnyathavasi!



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