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The Sad Plight Of Tollywood Singers

With the explosion of music based programmes on television and thanks especially to ‘Paadutha Theeyaga’ more and more numbers of singers are being introduced to Tollywood.

And looking at the number of shows and overseas shows, one would think that singers have plenty of work and a good life. Unfortunately, that is not the true picture.

In Tollywood, among the prominent music directors, it is only Devi Sri Prasad and MM Keeravani who respect singers and compensate them for their services. Others don’t pay them at all. They feel that singing for them is in itself a big thing for the singers even if they are well known.

The burgeoning competition has resulted in most singers including popular ones appearing for shows and events at throwaway prices that are highly embarrassing and difficult to sustain on.

For example, if a singer quotes Rs one lakh for a certain event, another singer offers to bring along a whole troupe for just Rs 25000. This kind of unhealthy competition has resulted in loss of dignity. But what is the way out?



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