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Sreenu Vaitla Has The Last Laugh

Sreenu Vaitla Has The Last Laugh

Star writer Kona Venkat made some derogatory comments against Director Sreenu Vaitla in the wake of Bruce Lee's failure.

He alleged that Vaitla didn’t use his creative talent for Bruce Lee that resulted in the colossal failure of the movie. Kona also went to an extent saying that Bruce Lee has damaged his image as a writer.

Kona Venkat said that Sankarabharanam is going to prove his talent yet again and put him back on top. Media and public silently watched all this drama and patiently waited for the Sankarabharanam to hit the screens to see what he was up to. 

Sankarabharanam is now out in theaters and is being heavily panned by the critics and general public.

Kona Venkat is being criticized for making a mess of Phas Gaya Re Obama script with his inputs and pathetic screenplay.

Kona tried to save face by blaming Sreenu Vaitla for Bruce Lee and by not owning AKhil movie despite being the writer for both the movies.

Now there is no way to escape as he kept on stressing that Sankarabharanam is His film. He didn’t even let director Uday Nandanavanam to be highlighted in the media and hogged all the limelight with respect to Sankarabharanam.

Sreenu Vaitla who remained silent over Kona’s remarks must be having the last laugh now. Now we can assume that all that silly comedy stuff in Bruce Lee is penned by Kona going by his work in Sankarabharanam!



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