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So Many Demands From Young Hero?

So Many Demands From Young Hero?

Industry is a place where a lot of gossip goes around. One gets to know news about actors and technicians, which end up being true at times and which turn out to be false some times.

One such gossip doing rounds is about Ullaya Jampala hero Raj Tarun.

Despite getting a hit, he hasn’t started his next film as yet. Now, we come to the juicy bit.

Apparently, he has been demanding nothing less than Rs 1 crore for a film. Well, that many say is not a problem. The problem is that he has been asking his producers for script.

It seems he has been telling them that he would rework on the script and even write dialogues for his part. And that’s when the producers are running wary of him.

Also, it is being said that Raj Tarun is deeply in love with a girl and has been neglecting his career due to this.

Film Nagar insiders say he has been playing hide and seek with Ram Mohan who gave him his first break.

Incidentally, Raj Tarun is supposed to do a film with him as a part of the deal. Though we cannot confirm any of the above rumours, only time will tell if they are true or simply rumours.



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