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Size Zero Loses Rs 15 Crore?

Size Zero was a love of labour for PVP. They put a lot into the movie. The movie had a message and of course, it had beautiful Anushka. Yet, the movie badly misfired. 

The viewers simply did not like the movie that was badly off-track due to Kanika's storyline and Prakash's direction.

The film is yet to sell satellite rights and PVP directly released the movie in the country and also the overseas. So, the PVP naturally suffered huge losses. Industry estimates say that the loss could be of the order of 15 crore.

Yet, some say that this is nothing for the cash-rich PVP. They argue that he raked in huge profits by financing several movies and collecting interest amounts from the producers.

Sources say that a big banner producer has been paying up to Rs 5 crore to the PVP only towards the interest of the loan taken. So, the loss of 15 crore is nothing, they reason.

But, what about Prakash, the director? Will son of ace director Raghavendra Rao get another film offer? Will Nagarjuna come to his rescue? Let's wait and watch!!



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