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Sardaar Gabbar Singh Director A Dummy!

Sardaar Gabbar Singh makers have given full credit to Pawan Kalyan for the theatrical trailer cut. The producers officially stated that it was Pawan Kalyan’s idea to reveal the plot in the theatrical trailer.

Pawan didn’t want Sardaar trailer to be a conventional one with buildup shots and entertaining dialogues, they said.

Sardaar Gabbar Singh trailer received lot of flak especially from the people on social networking websites. They have labeled that the trailer looked cheap and stale. Some went to an extent to say that it reminds them of Komaram Puli and Cameraman Gangatho Rambabu.

The makers of Sardaar may have saved the director from being criticized for this as they gave full credit to Pawan Kalyan.

However, why is Pawan deciding everything about Sardaar Gabbar Singh? He might have written the script and acted in it, but the director should be given the creative freedom to decide about trailers and promotions.

Why Pawan dictating terms and Bobby the director of the film is is left to be a spectator? While Pawan is already planning for retirement he should be aware of the fact that a young director’s career is at stake.

At least they should stop giving such statements where the director looks like a mere dummy!



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