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Rs 40 Cr Remuneration Tension For Hero, Producer

Rs 40 Cr Remuneration Tension For Hero, Producer

Except for thalaiva Rajinikanth, no other Indian hero charges Rs 40 cr as remuneration, as of now. But Pawan Kalyan could be the next hero who falls in this bracket if he agrees for the launch of his next film.

Mythri Movie Makers offered him a whopping Rs 40 cr as remuneration for a quick project and gave him a huge amount as advance.

This Rs 40 cr remuneration record will be equalled by Pawan if he actually does the movie. But Pawan is in a dilemma over doing the film.

If he gives his nod, he has to wrap it up in two to three months. That's when he will pocket a cool Rs 40 crore and equal thalaiva's pay check.

But there is a hitch here. If Pawan refuses to do the film thanks to the general elections and returns the advance amount, then Mythri Movies will be the loser.

As in, it will lose out on the interest on the amount given to Pawan Kalyan. So it becomes a tricky situation both for Pawan Kalyan and Mythri Movies.

If Pawan Kalyan does the movie, the production house is planning to wrap up the movie with a budget of Rs 80 cr (40 cr to PK, 40 cr as budget that includes remunerations of cast and crew) and sell it for around Rs 120 cr.

If the project materializes, this would be Pawan Kalyan’s election-special movie and the production house can sell it for high prices.

Money-wise, it could be a win-win situation for both Pawan Kalyan and Mythri Movie Makers. But the big questions is -- will the project really take off?



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