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Rs 2 Crore Down The Drain

Nithiin had started a movie in his home production in the direction of debutant MVK Reddy some time back.

MVK Reddy is the son of producer M Satyanarayana Reddy, who had produced the movie Bunny with Allu Arjun.

After nearly Rs 2 crore was spent on pre-production alone, the movie was shelved for some reason.

Nithiin and Co reportedly filed a case in the council seeking reimbursement of the Rs 2 crore from MVK Reddy. Meanwhile, Reddy had managed to get the green signal for a movie from Allu Sirish at the time of the case being filed.

Industry sources say that the mega family therefore stepped in and bailed out Reddy from the case. Whether compensation was paid to Nithiin, we do not know!

But this is yet another example of how so much money in the industry is wasted because of creative differences.



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