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Reel Buzz: Kona & Co Hit Jackpot

Reel Buzz: Kona & Co Hit Jackpot

Kona Venkat surely knows how to go about making money in the industry. In the past, he ghost directed Geetanjali and the film became a surprise hit given that barring Anjali, it did not have a salable actor.

Now, he has made Sankarabharanam with Nikhil and for now Nikhil has two back to back hits to his credit.

Talk is that Kona Venkat invested around Rs 7 crores for the film and the film has already done good business.

The satellite rights have been sold for Rs 3 crores and the theatre rights have been sold for Rs 8 crores. This means that both Kona Venkat and MVV Satyanarayana have made Rs 2 crores profit each prior to release.

And to take home pre-release profits, Kona Venkat's contacts in the industry worked in his favour say industry insiders.

Since he has already taken home his profits, he is now focusing on helping buyers make profits say his team members.

Apparently, that's the reason for his getting Pawan Kalyan to release the teaser and getting Rana to release the making song. And he does not think twice before using his contacts for trailer and audio release functions too.

Naturally, all this will create enough hype and the buyers will surely sail safe once the film hits the screens.

For now, talk is that the film will be released in the third week of November.



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