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Ram To Reshoot His Harikatha

The disastrous performance of his latest release Shivam at the box office has adversely impacted the image of hero Ram.

Barring Pandaga Chesko, all his films have been flops and Pandaga Chesko too was criticised for its routine formula.

Now Ram and his producer uncle Sravanthi Ravikishore is under pressure to reshoot their next movie Harikatha that has already wrapped up major portions.

Distributors and the trade say the combination of Sravanthi and Ram is jinxed as Ravikishore's all productions with Ram right from Just Ganesh to latest Shivam bombed like anything.

Not a single movie became successful in their combination that had seen four releases, said a distributor. 

Hence there are no takers for Hari Katha which is again produced by Ravikishore and directed by upcoming talent Kishore Tirumala who also wrote dialogues for Shivam.

Talk is that Ram and Ravikishore had been advised to show the movie to other film-makers, who suggested some major changes.

So the unit is now busy with reshoot.



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