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PRO's Moment Of Epiphany!

He is a legendary PRO in Tollywood. Recently, he worked for the movie of a big producer starring a new hero. 

They splurged money like anything on publicity. Unfortunately, the movie failed at the box-office. The PRO has now worked for another big movie which released this week. 

The difference in approach however was that there was no publicity extravaganza. 

Advertisements were given only to the popular channels and websites apart from the customary ‘Print Media’. 

In short, while everyone normally benefits from a film for which this PRO works, this time around it was strictly on the basis of popularity. The movie has been getting very good reviews. 

Explaining the rationale behind this new approach, the PRO said, “What is the point in patronizing everybody? Even though we spend a lot on advertisements, I have realized that the media and especially the websites still go ahead with their own opinion of the movie.

There are no favors here and film works only on merit and that is what websites report. Hence, I decided to cut down on expenditure and go for publicity only through popular mediums. If the movie is good, it will work, otherwise not! Advertisements do not affect the reviews.”



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