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Producers Scared of Baahubali Writer!

Producers Scared of Baahubali Writer!

Tollywood and Sandalwood producers are scared of working with V Vijayendra Prasad, the writer of “Baahubali” and “Bajrangi Bhaijaan”. They have realized that his ideas work only for his son Rajamouli.

Following the success of “Baahubali”, many directors and actors had asked him to provide a script for them but he couldn’t give any.

The two scripts that he prepared post ‘BB’ were box-office duds deeply burning the pockets of the producers.

He provided script for “Jaguar” that launched former Karnataka Chief Minister Kumar Swamy’s son Nikhil Kumar. He also gave the directorial reins to his close assistant Mahadev. The producers have lost more than Rs 30 cr on this project as they invested heavily trusting ‘Baahubali’ writer’s name.

Now, he has written and directed “Srivalli”, craziest movie that was made with outdated narration and clichéd direction, which has put the producers in deep trouble. The film that released last week bombed. The new producers have lost nearly Rs 7 cr.

His earlier directorial venture “Rajanna” too put a big hole in the accounts of producer R R Venkat.

So, producers and directors are now scared of taking services of writer Vijayendra Prasad.



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