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Pawan In Foreign Location, Director In Hyderabad!

There have been reports that the real director of "Sardaar Gabbar Singh" is none other than Pawan Kalyan and Bobby is "dummy".

We don't know how much truth lies in that but one incident has happened to give credence to this reports.

Pawan Kalyan is now shooting for songs in Switzerland along with his heroine Kajal Agarwal. But director Bobby is now in Hyderabad overseeing the editing and post-production work. He didn't go to Switzerland for the song's shoot.

Generally, directors don't do much work in the case of picturisation of songs but they are always on the sets. If the hero is as big as Pawan Kalyan, a director never leaves the set. But Bobby didn't go to the foreign locations for the picturisation of the songs.

Pawan Kalyan is directing the songs with the help of choreographers, said a source. Incidentally, the movie is also written by Pawan Kalyan.

He is also involved in all aspects of the movie restricting director Bobby to only oversee the progress of the shoot, say the rumors. 

But a unit member told us that it was director Bobby who wanted to stay in Hyderabad as they have no time to finish the total post-production to meet the deadline of releasing the movie on 8th April.

"Even Rajamouli can't do much on a song's shoot. Everybody knows that choreographers handle all the things when a song is being shot. Hence, it doesn't matter if a director is available on the sets or not  for the song shoot," a member defended Bobby. 

"Sardaar Gabbar Singh", produced by Sharat Marrar, is set for grand release on 8th April worldwide.



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