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Nithya Menen Losing Respect With Bad Choices

Nithya Menen is one of the very few heroines that have earned immense respect of film lovers as they blindly believe in her choices.

She is not a heroine that signs up every film that comes her way. Film lovers and her fans believe that if Nithya takes up a film it is ought to be special, but of late Nithya is letting them down with some bad choices.

After OK Bangaram, Nithya is finding it tough to find right films and characters. She did a silly character in Son Of Satyamurthy that didn’t add any value to the film.

She was seen in an extended cameo in the movie 24. Many believe that she’s been miscast in Rudhramadevi too. Now with Okka Ammayi Tappa, Nithya made another horrible choice.

It has been a while since we had seen Nithya as the main lead. Nithya starring in a low budget movie means audience would hope for something special out of it. But OAT turned out to be a lazy and boring film where Nithya has nothing much to do except for sitting in a stranded auto that was stuck in traffic.

Most of the people that paid to watch Okka Ammayi Thappa believed in Nithya, but she has let them down big time.



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