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Mahesh Disappointed With TANA?

The latest buzz on social media is Mahesh Babu’s proposed trip to a TANA convention and that he had charged Rs 1.5 crore for it.

While detractors questioned Mahesh’s need to cash in on his brand status, sources in Mahesh’s camp said that the actor had actually planned to give the money away to charity.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in Mahesh quoting a price to appear at the convention. And whether he chooses to use the money for personal needs or give it away to charity is also no business of the public. This is an industry that works on demand and supply basis.

But the news of all this needless discussion on his trip to TANA and his remuneration for that, reached the ears of Mahesh Babu.

Apparently, the TANA organizers in a bid to get back their investment had fixed fancy prices for Mahesh’s visit to the US.

Apparently, e-mails were being circulated to the Telugus by TANA with offers such as x dollars for a handshake with Mahesh, Y dollars for a dinner with him etc.

Fans of Mahesh in the US were deeply peeved at this crass commercialization of their star’s visit and reportedly brought this to the attention of Namrata Shirodkar.

The superstar was said to be very uncomfortable with an ordinary visit being turned into a controversy and is now having second thoughts on attending the convention. 



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