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Lots Of Hopes On Ravi Teja

It’s not just Ravi Teja who will stand to benefit from the success of Power, there are many others who are anxiously waiting for the film to become a sensational hit. 

For starters, there is the film’s writer-turned-debutant director Bobby. Having started his career as a writer, KS Ravindra or Bobby will directly get into the top league if Power becomes a huge hit.

Another girl who is anxiously awaiting the film’s release is Regina, who has been acting opposite small heroes till now. 

If the film becomes a hit, other star heroes might consider signing her. Otherwise, she will have to be happy prancing around with the likes of Sandeep Kishan and Allu Sirish forever.

Though an A-listed star in Tamil, Hansika will also make it to the top league if Power becomes a hit. 

Already, she has been hurt after being replaced by other heroines in a couple of films in Telugu. So, for her, it would mean a firm foothold in Telugu.

Last, but not the least, Ravi Teja is looking forward to prove that Balupu was not a chance hit. He will consolidate his position and regain his market if Power becomes a sensational hit.

GA wishes them luck.



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