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Line Clear For Vishal Marriage?

Actor couple Radhika and Sarath Kumar fulfilled their responsibility by getting their elder daughter Rayane married off to cricketer Abhimanyu Mithun. In fact, Rayane is the daughter of Radhika born to her second husband. 

Though she divorced him and married Sarath Kumar, Radhika took up the responsibility of bringing up Rayane. And Sarath treated her as his own daughter.

Now, the focus has shifted to their second daughter Varalakshmi. This girl was born to the first wife of Sarath Kumar and she was also brought up as the own daughter of Radhika. And Varalakshmi has been in love with Tamil star hero Vishal. 

Both of them did neither deny it nor confirm it, though there have been reports that both of them were going to get married soon.

Now that Radhika-Sarath performed the marriage of their first daughter and Vishal, too, made a statement that he was ready for marriage, speculations are rife that Vishal-Varalakshmi marriage might happen any time from now!



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