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Katthi Mahesh Sending Lewd Messages to Girls?

Katthi Mahesh Sending Lewd Messages to Girls?

The controversial critic Katthi Mahesh who is in the news after his acerbic comments against Powerstar Pawan Kalyan has now turned back foot when a producer exposed his shady behaviour.

Ramky, a small-time producer, today revealed that Katthi Mahesh sent many SMS's to girls who came for auditioning for his short films asking them to sleep with him.

Reacting to this, Katthi agreed that he sent messages to women but he never forced any of them to sleep with him.

"If they like me and my proposal, they would come. It is consensual sex. What is wrong on that," he defended.

Strangely, he questioned Pawan Kalyan to reveal the relationship that he is having with actress Poonam Kaur.

Pawan Kalyan having any relationship with Poonam Kaur is purely a personal matter between them. Yet, Katthi had guts to accuse and he says he has not committed any wrong by sending messages to the girls who came for audition. 

His double-standards are also clearly exposed. All these days, he has been saying that Pawan Kalyan didn't warn his fans when they are harassing him.

When a TV anchor showed Pawan Kalyan's tweet in October in which the actor asked his fans not to react to anyone if someone criticizes him and he clearly asked not to respond to any person, Katthi Mahesh responded that he had not seen Powerstar’s tweet.



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