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Kammas To Remain Solidly Behind NTR!

Kammas To Remain Solidly Behind NTR!

A few years to, whenever NTR's film was up for release, people from Kamma community used to get bulk messages from unknown sources asking them not to watch his movie.

Though the source of this bulk messaging was not revealed, it was an open secret as to who was the brain behind such a move.

It was believed that such “back-stabbing” mission was one of the reasons for the failure of NTR’s films those days.

Subsequently, when NTR was not in good terms with his uncle Nandamuri Balakrishna, too, the Nandamuri fans remained united, though both of them had their own respective fan clubs.

The latest gossip doing rounds in the film circles is that among the film fans, the Kamma group, which generally stands behind the Telugu Desam Party politically, is now solidly backing NTR. Reason: Kammas do not have a hero of their own group right now. 

While Prabhas and Pawan Kalyan are completely under the influence of non-Kamma groups, there is no actor worth mentioning for Kamma group.

Balakrishna has become too senior, while Akkineni Nagarjuna is more bothered about his business activities than this caste politics in film industry.

Mahesh Babu, too, generally prefers to keep away from this politicking and he is non-committal on such issues. Moreover, his own family members have varied political loyalties.

So, the Kamma group supporting the TDP is learnt to have decided to stand by NTR firmly. That does not mean top Kamma politicians like Chandrababu Naidu or his son Lokesh will also support NTR. They don’t want even an informal discussion about NTR during their conversations.

In spite of that, the Kamma community has decided to extend all possible support to NTR. This is clearly visible in their hungama on social media network.

Will that reflect in collections?



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