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I Wanna Follow Follow NTR, Says Charan!

Eyebrows were raised when NTR's new look from Nannaku Prematho was revealed. A mass hero like NTR going for such a radical makeover is a risky move but it has paid off.

NTR’s aim to expand his fan base in class section of audience has been achieved with Nannaku Prematho striking a chord with them.

NTR’s success has given confidence to other mass heroes to try out new looks and different concepts.

Ram Charan has taken a leaf out of NTR’s book and is planning to go for a makeover in his next.

Grapevine says that Charan will be sporting a different look in Thani Oruvan remake. He believes that it would give him a break from stereotyped characters.

NTR proved that audience will accept a mass hero in different movies like Temper and Nannaku Prematho.

Charan is expecting similar kind of reception to his makeover. It is a welcome change but Charan should be aware that NTR was patient enough to wait until his efforts got noticed.

He shouldn’t get discouraged by some negative results and keep on pressing until he is successful with his new approach.    



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