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How Can NTR Save This Mad Show?

Bigg Boss Telugu first season’s contestants almost ruined the show in its first week itself, but NTR saved it by infusing some energy into it by doing a terrific job as the host.

However, the show is back to square one again as the contestants are getting desperate to make it an interesting fare.

Tuesday’s episode is easily the worst of all with Sampoornesh Babu voluntarily walking out of it mid way and some staged arguments between the contestants.

Bigg Boss made it worse by giving a confusing and silly task to the contestants who had no clue of what they were doing.

Contestants are arguing over petty things to make their presence felt and make the show spicier to watch. But their poor acting is boring the audience to the core as the Bigg Boss house is soon turning into a mad house.

NTR’s presence as the host is the reason for the hype around the show. However, he will only appear during weekends while the contestants run the show in the week days.

Not a single person among the remaining contestants seems to be capable of holding audiences interest.

Sampoornesh looked like the only promising prospect, but he too is out of it now. So what will NTR do to save the show before audience totally lose interest in it? Any wild card entries round the corner?



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