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Hot Actress Charges Rs. 5 Lakh Per Day!

Anjali may not be getting offers to act in the current superstar heroes films, but she is certainly riding high as the small and medium budget producers are willing to pay huge bucks to her.

Anjali is the most sought after actress for mid range movies. She is clever enough to cash in on the demand by quoting a very price.

After being paid a bomb for her guest appearance in Sankarabharanam, Anjali agreed to do another special role in the movie Sarada starring Manchu Vishnu.

After considering various names like Amala Paul and Catherine makers of Sarada decided to go with Anjali as she would add value to the movie.

Anjali quoted 50 lakh rupees for this film and didn’t agree upon any discounts on it. All they need is ten days of her dates but Anjali demanded half a crore to sign on the dotted lines.

She also made it clear that she would charge additional 5 lakh per extra call sheet. In spite of the high remuneration and all the conditions Sarada producers have signed her up. Sonarika plays the main female lead in this film directed by Karthik Reddy.



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