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Heroine Struggles With Romantic Scenes

Madhurima has been around in Tollywood for nearly six years now. Despite being blessed with looks and ability, she has never got offers opposite big heroes except the odd cameo in movies such as 'Temper'. But she is quite a regular in small films.

Madhurima has recently signed a small film in which her co-star is Nandu, husband of singer Geeta Madhuri. Apparently, the movie has quite some hot romantic scenes between Nandu and Madhurima and she struggled to do those scenes.

However, after a lot of effort she somehow managed to get those scenes right. But why did she struggle for those scenes as she is quite an experienced actress?

The reason according to Madhurima is that Nandu is not just her co-star but also a good friend of her. Hence, she found it embarrassing to do those scenes with a friend. Perfectly understandable!



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