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Hero Bags 1 Crore By Locking The Director?

The director has recently scored a big hit and has impressed many in and out of the industry. Few producers are bowled over by the quality of the product that the director made within a very limited budget. Hence, many of them are vying to make a movie with him.  

One of those producers approached the director to produce his next film. But the director is already committed to a big production house and the hero. The producer contacted that hero to check if there is any chance of making him a part of the production.

The said actor who also owns the production house readily accepted to do the movie under this new producer’s banner, but with a condition.

He demanded 1 crore as remuneration sans the service charges and the producer agreed to it as he is hell bent on making a movie with that director.  

The actor only has a couple of films to his credit and doesn’t have any market as yet. But he bagged 1 crore as he signed up a talented young director before anyone spotted the talent. 



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