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Gossip: Top Director And Six Girls

He is one of the top directors of Telugu cinema at the moment. He is an expert in making commercially viable films and has made a name for himself. This director has a special liking for few girls that will be seen regularly in his films. Recently those girls were given utmost importance at an event relating to the movie.

Everyone was puzzled to see those six girls getting royal treatment at the event. After all they played miniscule roles in that film. But they are our director’s special guests and hence got the royal treatment says the grapevine. Those six girls live in the same apartments where our director owns a luxury flat it seems.

This director also helped few other ladies who were struggling in the glam field. He helped a television star who went on to settle in her life because of the help of this director.

If the buzz is to be believed previously he put himself in a soup as he sent a provocative message to a young heroine, who responded harshly by complaining against him to her close associates.



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