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Gossip: Director Fears He's Getting Exposed

Gossip: Director Fears He's Getting Exposed

If there is one director among the current crop who is known for his sexual escapades, it is this successful maker. This young director who is in 30’s and has three hits under his belt has a way with his leading ladies.

He had a brief fling with his first heroine and repeated her in his next film in a brief role much against the will of the producer.

After that he made a film with another heroine. Though the film was a hit, her subsequent films were flops and she has no popularity or craze at all. Despite this fact, he has repeated her in his new movie that has bigger budget.

His friends and well-wishers have now suggested him to cut down his flings and concentrate on work or that he’d land in big trouble.

In the wake of recent casting couch allegations, focus is on the actors and film-makers who are known for seeking sexual favours from actresses.

Since this particular maker has delivered three hits in a row and he is considered as junior-Boyapati (mass movies), he should be careful they say.

He has already started fearing that someone would take the lid off on him, insiders say.



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