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Father Happy Over Rumours Son's Love Affair!

This is the story of a father-son duo, both stars in Telugu film industry. While father is still enjoying his stardom, his son has not been able to get the star status despite being from a family of evergreen heroes.

Though he has been trying seriously, he has not been able to deliver much success. The father is aware that if his son fails to do a few hit films, it won’t take much time to fade out in the industry. That is why, he has been desperately trying to see that his son is in the news always.

Of late, the son has started hitting the headlines following rumours of his love affair with a top heroine in the southern film industry. If an actor has to retain his identity in the public, he should either deliver big hits or be in the news for one reason or the other. Apparently, the son has chosen the second route, and that has made the father happy.

And why not, the heroine is reigning supreme not only in Telugu film industry, but also in other south Indian films; so, if she has an affair with not-so-popular hero, his name will also do rounds in other states. That is precisely why, both the father and son are not scotching the rumours at all.

In fact, the father, too, had been in the news in the past for his love affairs and that brought him the name of lover boy, rather than damaging his career. Who knows, the son may also get the star status with such rumours. Interestingly, the heroine is also enjoying these rumours!



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