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Did Baahubali Makers Make Profits Or Losses?

Did Baahubali Makers Make Profits Or Losses?

Given the fact that Baahubali is being touted as the biggest grosser of Telugu industry so far, this question will appear to be totally silly at this point in time. However, months after the film's release, this is the question on the minds of many industry insiders.

While quoting a figure is pretty easy, getting actual money in hand is nothing short of a miracle in the industry. There are many ifs and buts before money changes from one hand to the other.

Depending on the needs of the person's involved and correct timing, money changes hands, else, it takes days and months together for the transactions to happen.

While some delay payments, some try to let go of it and some others present financial problems to avoid giving money.

And talking of Baahubali, the makers never expected the film to be such a huge hit. Though they hoped for a big hit, they did not expect the film to be a super-duper hit. So, apart from the expenses, the film was sold for reasonable prices. Of course, there will be the overflows money, but talk is that the producers are left with a deficit of about Rs 10 crores.

The film ended up being a blockbuster and turned into the golden goose for the buyers on the other hand.

Meanwhile, it is being said that most of the buyers have avoided giving the overflows stating a variety of reasons.

Talk is that barring a couple of buyers who were close to Rajamouli, none of them gave him excess money. Also, talk is that the gross, share and other figures being given in news and those quoted by buyers is totally different.

However, the producers did one thing that helped them cut costs. They completed nearly 40 per cent shooting of Part 2 and the production costs were added to the costs of Part 1.

But talk is that this time around, they will be very strict about the prices at which they will sell the film. It is being said that they will complete the film within a budget of Rs 100 crores this time around.

So the latest talk is that the producers are looking forward to making profits of both Part 1 and Part 2 from Baahubali Part 2.



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