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Actress Padding Assets to Get Noticed?

All heroines indulge in padding their vital assets as per demand in their movies as some movies require them to be as seductive as possible and look buxom. This is the case especially in south, where curvy heroines are still the flavour of the season.

However, this  particular heroine who is in her thirties is known for padding up her vital assets in each film.

A year ago, she was commented upon for her weight gain. She immediately went in for dieting and weight loss programme, following which she lost oodles of weight.

She then started looking rather slim and beautiful. However, since then, she has been trying to pad her bosom.

She used this technique in two of her recently released films which turned out to be huge hits. In her upcoming film, she is paired opposite a big south Indian star. And goes without saying, her padding is for all to notice.

Going by the recently released photographs from the movie, looks like she is trying to win over youth in this manner.



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