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25 Cr For Mahesh and 14 Cr For Koratala!!

It is extremely hard to get the dates of a big star and star director as film business is literally riding on their popularity and stardom. So if you want to make a movie with a superstar and a super director then you have to shell out big bucks to bag them.

If the hush whispers from film circles are to be believed producer DVV Danayya has bought the dates of superstar Mahesh for a whopping 25 crore.

Yes, as per the buzz, Mahesh is going to get 25C for his upcoming film in the direction of Koratala Siva. The star director too is going to get a hefty paycheck, they claim.

Koratala has signed up this project with DVV Danayya for an astounding 14 crore, which is believed to be the highest ever paycheck for any Telugu director in the history.

Remunerations for other actors and technicians plus the production cost should cost at least 40 crore for the producer. So this film has to do 80 crore business prior to the release for the producer to breakeven. Wow!



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